Thursday, June 3, 2010

My first post

A little introduction is in order. My name is David and I'm a Senior Linux Production Engineer at (Answers Corp.)

It's been on my mind to start a blog for a long time now.
The reason for that being, I want to contribute back some knowledge and experience I gained in the Linux world over the course of time.
I've been a Linux system Engineer for 12 years now and worked with Linux since 1996. Forums and blogs have proven to be one of the largest resource for learning and trouble shooting and solving problems from others who shared their solution on the net.

I have found that participating in various Linux forum's is hard for me because it requires a lot of monitoring until a question I can answer (and has not yet been answered first) appears. Therefore, I hope that a blog where I write up my experiences will be searchable and allow others to benefit from what I've learned.

So here is to the new post!

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