Saturday, June 19, 2010

Preparing for O'rielly Velocity conf. 2010

This Tuesday (the 22nd) I'll be going to the Velocity conference in California. Some of the events look really interesting

Here are a few of the ones that strike me as interesting for the first day:

(taken from the O'rielly Velocity website)

Metrics 101: What to Measure on Your Website

Web Performance

Sean Power (Watching Websites)

This session will help you build a complete web monitoring strategy. We'll cover the many different metrics you can collect, from latency and uptime to usability and navigation - and show you how to tie them to the goals of your web business. Read more.

Scalable Internet Architectures

Internet traffic spikes aren't what they used to be. It is now evident that even the smallest sites can suffer the attention of the global audience. This presentation dives into techniques to avoid collapse under dire circumstances. Looking at some real traffic spikes, we'll pinpoint what part of the architecture is crumbling under the load; then, walk though stop-gaps and

Cassandra Workshop

This workshop will cover Cassandra design, deployment, and operations in both a theoretical best case target for those building their own facilities as well as an evaluation of how it can be deployed on various public cloud platforms. Read more.

I'll post a summary and thoughts after I attend.

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