Wednesday, March 2, 2011

memcached + repcached a great Gear6 replacement

I recently started a project looking for a good replacement for our Gear6 appliance. I started testing memcached + repcached as a solution since my needs were purely none persistant memory storage.

* I found memcached + repcached to replicate well and consistantly.

* When I failed either instance of the master-master setup and then brought it back up, the replication was restored.

* I did notice that during the restoration phase- the remaining active memcached instance would saturate the CPU and cause a bit of a "brown-out" due to elevated response times to my active cluster.

All in all- this is a simple, easy to use solution for a master-master memcached.

Other known limitation:

* You can only run 2 servers in this sync mode. For a more extensive solution which is more scalable you may need to look at Cassandra.